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The automobiles in the Hendricks Collection were identified and purchased in a variety of locations nation-wide including the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions and E-Bay. The most expensive and significant purchase was the 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Concept Car for over $3 million dollars at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction and is the Museums’ own “Mona Lisa”.


Acquisition of the Hendricks Collection of cars has happened primarily over the past 10 years. The first purchase was the 1936 Auburn and the 1929 Packard and the most recent of purchases include the 2006 Chip Foose Mustang Stallion (the first one produced) and the Dodge “Max Hemi” Polara custom built by Max Cohen and Boyd Coddington through the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. Current acquisitions being sought include a Tucker (for purchase) and an early 1900’s Cadillac (preferably on loan for 6 months so that ours can be restored).


Caring for the automotive treasures of the Hendricks Collection in the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum is the responsibility of our Collections Care Team. They lightly dust the collection with California Dusters, wear white gloves (you can’t give a white gloves treatment without white gloves!) and keep a wide eye open for changes in the presentation quality of the vehicles through damage, lowering tire pressure, leaks, cracking or scratches and dents by unintentional contact by guests. They are a dedicated team with a focus on perfecting the “show-car-ship” of each vehicle.