Entry Gallery

There is a story to be told about the pioneering spirit of America’s automotive entrepreneurs. There are tales of innovation, engineering, design and business success and failure that offer lessons to all who desire to comprehend the workings of the free enterprise system in addressing our need to move as a society. Telling these stories is the mission of the Gateway Auto Museum.

The Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum tells this story of automotive history and the revolution in personal transportation brought about by the genesis, production and marketing of the American automobile. This story is so broad in scope that it occupies a 30,000 square foot facility and features more than 50 vehicles displayed across six separate galleries.

The backdrop of the museum entry is distinctively covered with images of vintage road maps and advertisements from the museum collection and can provide visitors with a wonderful trip through the past before actually entering the museum.


1933 Plymouth Vintage Race Car
Re-bodied and rebuilt in the early 1940’s as a California hot rod – this car is an absolute head turner wherever it appears. Equipped with a Plymouth six cylinder engine and 3 speed manual transmission it is a powerful race car for its day.

1948 Studebaker Commander
Post-war Studebakers featured a completely new look while most other automakers were selling pre-war models that had been gussied up and warmed over. This 1948 Studebaker Commander has a distinct look with a short hood and long rear deck. People often joked that you couldn’t tell whether it was coming or going because the front and back looked the same.